Nicolas Froment visited SUTD to talk about Musescore (video)

One of the co-founders of my favourite music notation software (Musescore) visited Singapore last week to give a COIL seminar entitled: 'MuseScore: Inside A Successful Open Source Project For Musicians'. For those of you who missed it, you can see a recorded version of the talk here:

MuseScore is a free and open source music notation software. Today, it’s the most used software to create sheet music in the world. It’s the sum of the efforts and contributions of hundreds of people worldwide. Hear the story of the project and how three dedicated software engineers manage to create and lead a developer and user community. Interesting bit: MuseScore participates in the Google Summer of Code, which means students can be paid to work on our open source project!

Nicolas will show how, a platform where MuseScore users can share their creations, helps the growth and development of open source software and how having a free tool to create content will impact music AI in the near future. He will make a short demo of MuseScore and and answer questions on the development process, the sheet music market or MuseScore features.

About Nicolas Froment:
As classically trained drummer and software engineer, Nicolas Froment is the co-founder of MuseScore, the leading open source notation software and an online community for musicians. For more than 10 years, he contributes to free software development and manages the MuseScore developer community. He also mentored students during Google Summer of Code for 4 years.