Opportunities to join my lab

I always welcome new collaborators to work on exciting projects on the intersection of optimization/machine learning and novel applications such as music, or finance.

PhD students
If you are interested in doing your PhD at SUTD, there are a number of options through which you can obtain a scholarship:

  • ACIS scholarships
  • Singa scholarships, through IHPC, A*STAR: through my affiliation with the Institute for High Performance Computing, A*STAR, I can supervise students who apply for the Singa scholarship. This scholarship is very feasible to obtain.
  • NUS-SUTD joint PhD fellowships (with co-supervisor from NUS)
  • MOE scholarships: these are very limited in quote, so unless you are Singaporean, there is limited chance to get one. If you are Singaporean of PR, then please do contact me and we can talk about your application!
  • SMART scholarships: if you are an exceptional student, this scholarship from MIT to study at SUTD may apply to you.
  • EDB_IPP: if you are a Singaporean of PR and want to do your PhD part-time in a research role in a Singaporean company. You can get funding through this program.
  • Marie Curie fellowships, call open once a year.

Alternatively, if you are a (international) postdoc/PhD student and have an idea for a project, we can jointly apply for a larger project on which I can hire you, through a number of Singaporean grant calls (NRF, MOE, etc). Please contact me with more info on what you want to work on. You can also apply for a SMART postdoctoral fellowship and Marie Curie fellowship.

Visiting students / Internships
I always welcome strong students who want to be part of the lab and visit as part of their PhD, or even undergrad. These positions don't require tuition, however, you may need to self-fund your stay.