Are you ready to harness the power of cutting-edge AI technologies to drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and unlock new possibilities? Look no further. With a proven track record in the realm of AI, I bring you a unique blend of expertise that spans several captivating domains.

Sequential AI - pioneer in music and audio Music AI, and :
With a rich background in sequential AI architectures, I've dedicated years to exploring the depths of music AI technologies. As a pioneer in the field, I have been working on generative music models since 2005. Some notable projects include: hit song prediction, music generation for video, prompt-based music generation, and audio transcription.

Multimodal Affective Computing:
Understanding emotional content is essential for a myriad of applications, ranging from twitter sentiment for stocks to political party popularity. I have worked on numerous projects related to multimodal affective (emotional) computing. This means I can help you build systems that understand and respond to complex human emotions across multiple modes of interaction.

AI for Trading Algorithms:
My research and practical experience in AI for trading algorithms have led to innovative solutions that leverage data-driven insights for more informed trading decisions. I have developed solutions for AI-based portfolio selection, Bitcoin price and volatility predictions, using multimodal data such a Twitter as well as whale and blockchain data. Need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your trading systems?

From Climate Change Prediction to Hit Song Generation:
I've had the privilege to contribute to diverse projects that span the spectrum of AI applications. From developing models to predict climate change patterns to creating prompt-based generative models that redefine creativity, my work showcases the versatility of AI in tackling real-world challenges.

Why Choose My Consulting Services?

  • Strong experience in supervising teams to obtain concrete practical results using AI technologies.
  • Experience with multimodal applications in many domains: from music to fintech.
  • Author of over 100 peer reviewed publications.
  • Have given keynote talks across the globe.
  • Strong track record of setting up experiments and evaluating models/systems
  • Strategic AI input using the aiSTROM framework.

Let's bring your AI projects to the next level. Contact me today to explore the possibilities!