A new practical book on machine learning

One of the most comprehensible machine learning instructors (Andrew Ng), has just released a new book. I found it an interesting and smooth read with focus on a few important issues that any data science / AI person will encounter. Highly recommend the read. More info on the book and how to get it.

This book has been written for those candidates who wanted to Learn Machine Learning Technical Implementation Strategy. It is mainly focused on all the concepts of Machine Learning with real world, enterprise-level, best practices to implement and use for the production services. We have covered the following topics in this guide for the Business Strategy:

  1. Data Science Process
  2. Data Visualization in Business
  3. Understand How to answer Why
  4. Know ML Key Terminology
  5. Understand ML Implementation
  6. ML Applications on Marketing and Retail

While on the topic of books, some other books high on my to-read list for any aspiring AI / machine learning / data science professional include: