Meet My Lab - podcast from Euraxess

I recently had the pleasure to be featured in a Meet My Lab on "Mathematics & Music - A Synergetic Duo for Automatic Music Generation", together with Prof. Elaine Chew. These sessions are organized by Euraxess, European Commission. [scroll down for video]

In its more than 60 year history, music generation systems have never been more popular than today. In this talk, Prof Dorien Herremans (Singapore University of Technology and Design, SUTD) gives a brief history of the unique field of algorithmic composition. While there are a number of systems out there, two main challenges remain: how do we integrate emotion as well as ensure long term structure in musical pieces. It should come at no surprise that music and emotion are intrinsically connected. Yet, computer systems still struggle to truly capture emotion. Secondly, while many systems can compose short fragments that sound well, the real challenge is to create complete, longer pieces of music with patterns and themes. The MorpheuS system, a hybrid machine learning system developed by Prof Dorien during her MSCA fellowship with Prof Elaine Chew (senior CNRS researcher in the STMS Lab at IRCAM), tackles these two challenges. In this talk they dive into the inner workings of MorpheuS, as well as listen to a number of generated fragments performed by Prof Elaine Chew. Finally, we will discuss some recent advances in the field and what respective labs are currently working on. The session is moderated by Dr Lance Wyse of National University of Singapore (NUS).