Congrats to PhD student Jyun for publishing a paper in ICASSP

PhD student Yin-Jyun Luo got his paper on 'Singing voice conversion with disentangled representations of singer and vocal technique using variational autoencoders' accepted for the upcoming ICASSP conference in Barcelona Spain. You can read the preprint on Arxiv.

We propose a flexible framework that deals with both singer conversion and singers vocal technique conversion. The proposed model is trained on non-parallel corpora, accommodates many-to-many conversion, and leverages recent advances of variational autoencoders. It employs separate encoders to learn disentangled latent representations of singer identity and vocal technique separately, with a joint decoder for reconstruction. Conversion is carried out by simple vector arithmetic in the learned latent spaces. Both a quantitative analysis as well as a visualization of the converted spectrograms show that our model is able to disentangle singer identity and vocal technique and successfully perform conversion of these attributes. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to jointly tackle conversion of singer identity and vocal technique based on a deep learning approach.