Dance hit song prediction

TitleDance hit song prediction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHerremans D., Martens D, Sörensen K.
JournalJournal of New music Research
Start Page291
Date Published10/09/14
Type of ArticleSpecial Issue on Music and Machine Learning

Record companies invest billions of dollars in new talent around the globe each year. Gaining insight into what actually makes a hit song would provide tremendous benefits for the music industry. In this research we tackle this question by focussing on the dance hit song classification problem. A database of dance hit songs from 1985 until 2013 is built, including basic musical features, as well as more advanced features that capture a temporal aspect. A number of di erent classifiers are used to build and test dance hit prediction models. The resulting best model has a good performance when predicting whether a song is a top 10 dance hit versus a lower listed position.