Dorien Herremans is an Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design, and has a joint-appointment at the Insitute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR. She also works as a certified instructor for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and is director of SUTD Game Lab. Before going to SUTD, she was a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London., where she worked on the project: ``MorpheuS: Hybrid Machine Learning – Optimization techniques To Generate Structured Music Through Morphing And Fusion''. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Economics on the topic of Computer Generation and Classification of Music through Operations Research Methods. She graduated as a commercial engineer in management information systems at the University of Antwerp in 2005. After that, she worked as a Drupal consultant and was an IT lecturer at the Les Roches University in Bluche, Switzerland. She also worked as a mandaatassistent at the University of Antwerp, in the domain of operations management, supply chain management and operations research. Dr. Herremans' research interests include machine learning and music for automatic music generation, data mining for music classification (hit prediction) and novel applications in the intersections of machine learning/optimization and music.

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PhD students:

  • En Yan Koh, Singapore University of Technology and Design - Funded by MOE
  • Natalie Angus, Singapore University of Technology and Design - Funded by MOE
  • Abigail Leon: Underwater Acoustics Communication, Singapore University of Technology and Design / Thales - Funded by IPP-EDB
  • Janis Sokolovskis: New Technologies for Piano Learning, Queen Mary University of London - Funded by Yamaha R&D London, co-supervisor together with Prof. dr. Elaine Chew