Tonight MorpheuS Haydn will be performed in London

Tonight, the automatically generated piece MorhpeuS Haydn will be performed on the magnetic resonator piano by Elaine Chew. More about the research behind MorpheuS can be found here.

About the concert:
London-based music and mathematics professor Elaine Chew presents the world premiere of Oded Ben-Tal’s Sonata (Scarlatti, Schubert, Scriabin) for Magnetic Resonator Piano and live electronics together with performances of contemporary piano pieces by Carmine Cella, Cheryl Frances-Hoad, and Dorien Herremans' computer program MorpheuS. The concert features dual performances of pieces, with and without the magnetic resonator piano (MRP), an acoustic piano augmented with electromagnetic actuators capable of creating infinite sustain, harmonics and vibratos, and crescendo after onset. The pieces will be interspersed with performer and composer presentations on the making of the music and discussions on expressivity with and without the MRP. MRP inventor Andrew McPherson will also give an introduction to the instrument. Audience members will have a chance to engage in further dialogue with the creators in an open Q&A.

See the official announcement here.