Computer Music Journal Article on Composer Specific Music

A new article by Dorien Herremans, Kenneth Sörensen and David Martens was published in Computer Music Journal, entitled "Classification and Generation of Composer-Specific Music Using Global Feature Models and Variable Neighborhood Search".


In this article a number of musical features are extracted from a large musical database and these were subsequently used to build four composer-classification models. The first two models, an if–then rule set and a decision tree, result in an understanding of stylistic differences between Bach, Haydn, and Beethoven. The other two models, a logistic regression model and a support vector machine classifier, are more accurate. The probability of a piece being composed by a certain composer given by the logistic regression model is integrated into the objective function of a previously developed variable neighborhood search algorithm that can generate counterpoint. The result is a system that can generate an endless stream of contrapuntal music with composer-specific characteristics that sounds pleasing to the ear. This system is implemented as an Android app called FuX.

More info and the full article, see here.