Talk at first music research symposium, Singapore

In order to bring the music research community in Singapore together, the Music Cognition group at IHPC, A*STAR under the lead of Dr. Kat Agres, organized the first Singaporean Music Research Symposium on Feb. 2nd. With over 70 participants, the day was a true success.

I gave a talk on 'Application of music and AI' (download slides here) and we had a number of posters from SUTD students as well: Lin Kin Wah Edward presented a poster on ‘Design of a Convolutional Neural Network for separating Singing Voice from Monaural Pop Music’ and Tong Hui Kang, Zheng Xingjian, Foo Lin Geng presented a poster on ‘Music education game for ukulele using rudimentary polyphonic note detection’.

Read some more about the impressions of the day at Prof. Doug Turnbull's blog. Some photos of the event: