PhD positions in the Music, Audio, and AI Lab

The Music, Audio, and AI Lab (AMAAI) at SUTD invites applications for a PhD position in the exciting and rapidly evolving field of music and audio artificial intelligence.

The AMAAI lab is engaged in cutting-edge research at the intersection of music, audio, and artificial intelligence. Our PhD students contribute to groundbreaking projects that explore areas such as:


PhD scholarships for audio/music and AI

Singa is offering fellowships for International PhD students in Singapore. If you are interested in working in the AMAAI lab, send me a message. I am interested in supervising PhD students interested in the domain of Music Information Retrieval or AI for multimedia or finance.

More details on the application:

Deadline for applications: January 1st!


Congrats to Abigail on finishing her PhD on deep learning for underwater communication

Abigail Leon has successfully defended her PhD today with main supervisor Prof. Yuen Chau and myself as co-supervisor. Abigail has successfully explored how deep learning techniques can be used to denoise en demodulate complex underwater acoustic communication signals, and has performed some sea-trials to gather data for this. Since the PhD is under an NDA with Thales, we cannot post it, however, check out some of Abigail's papers here (more to come after the review process ends).

PhD defence of Nathalie Angus - Real-Time Binaural Auralization - August 1st

I'm very happy to announce that Natalie Angus will be doing her PhD defence on Real-Time Binaural Auralization on August 1st. Natalie is supervised by myself and Dr. Simon Lui (Director of Tencent Music). Download and read her thesis here. Some information about the seminar:

Title: Real-Time Binaural Auralization

When: 15:00, August 1st, 2018.

Where: Think Thank 20 (Building 2, Level 3), SUTD


PhD thesis: Compose=Compute - Computer Generation And Classification Of Music Through Operations Research Methods

In 2014 I defended my PhD thesis, Compose=Compute - Computer Generation And Classification Of Music Through Operations Research Methods, at the Unviversity of Antwerp under the supervision of Prof. dr. Kenneth Sörensen. In the research, I have developed automatic music generation systems using metaheuristic optimization techniques, combined with rules and machine learning. Other topics included composer classification, and Android app that generates music in the style of a chosen (or mixed) composer's style, and an app that does dance hit prediction based on an audio file.