PhD positions in the Music, Audio, and AI Lab

The Music, Audio, and AI Lab (AMAAI) at SUTD invites applications for a PhD position in the exciting and rapidly evolving field of music and audio artificial intelligence.

The AMAAI lab is engaged in cutting-edge research at the intersection of music, audio, and artificial intelligence. Our PhD students contribute to groundbreaking projects that explore areas such as:

  • Generative Music AI: We investigate the design of intelligent systems such as Mustango text-to-music.
  • Music Information Retrieval: We design algorithms capable of navigating vast music libraries based on complex criteria such as mood, genre, or even specific emotions conveyed by the music.
  • AI Music Production: We explore the creation of AI assistants that can produce professional-quality music arrangements or remixes tailored to an individual's preferences.
  • Affective Computing for Music

A PhD in the AMAAI lab offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Conduct research at the forefront of a rapidly developing field with the potential to significantly impact the future of music creation and interaction.
  • Gain experience in presenting research at top academic conferences and publishing groundbreaking papers in prestigious journals.
  • Potentially forge collaborations with leading figures in the music industry.

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • A strong academic background in computer science, electrical engineering, music information retrieval, or a related field.
  • A demonstrated passion for music and a keen interest in artificial intelligence.
  • Excellent programming skills and experience with relevant machine learning libraries (PyTorch etc).
  • The ability to work independently while also thriving in a collaborative research environment.
  • Strong communication and writing skills.

To Apply:
Please apply to the SUTD PhD portal AND send me an email with your application number.

- We have positions for Singaporean students, deadline is 19 March.
- Applications are on a 6 month cycle.
- Singaporeans/PR with strong ties to industry may also check out the IPP program.

International students will also need to submit an application for funding and will be processed in the next cycle for Jan 2025 admission:
- Please submit in the SUTD portal, AND apply for funding, either at:

Our team looks forward to receiving your application!