PhD position available for Machine Learning/optimization in novel topics such as music

Update: while this particular grant has expired, there are some other opportunities available in my lab.

I am looking for a strong PhD candidate in music and machine learning at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). SUTD is a relatively new university, founded in collaboration with MIT, that has a strong interdisciplinary focus on design. The available PhD position is at the department of Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD).

The ideal candidate will have a strong academic record and a strong interest in machine learning and music/audio or an interest in other novel topics. They will be expected to complete a PhD within 4 years and have knowledge of at least one of the following areas:

- modelling music for applications such as automatic music generation
- novel topics in machine learning/data science
- machine learning (incl. deep learning)
- optimization algorithms
- music/audio classification

Candidates with a hands on, proactive approach and problem-solving skills are strongly encouraged to apply. Given the design centered approach in SUTD, the focus during the PhD will not only be on high-quality publications, but also on designing practical applications.

The application window will close 15-Sep-2017 and the position will start in January '18. If you are interested, please send me ( an email with your cv and more information about your research interests and experience.

Details about SUTD's PhD programme can be found here and also here. If your application is successful, you will be awarded a 4 year MOE (Ministry of Education) scholarship (SUTD does not accept self-funding applicants).

The official language at SUTD (and Singapore) is English. When moving to Singapore, you can expect a very high quality of life, futuristic buildings, tropical climate, excellent food and a perfect base for exploring South East Asia.


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