Panel discussion at Ars Electronica - watch video here

Last year I was honoured to be part of the panel discussion on 'Challenging the limits of AI for the next generation of co-creative tools - Frontiers of Music and Artificial Intelligence'. at Ars Electronica, IRCAM (FR). Watch the video below.

Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly prominent role in music composition, performance, and production. How does this benefit or undermine musicians? Where are such developments taking us? Two young protagonists at the leading edge of AIxMusic will debate the limits and future directions of AIxMusic, tackling topics ranging from classic questions of AI takeover to therapeutic and gaming applications to discussions of lightweight deep AI, of uncertainty and unknown models and dimensions.

Moderator: Elaine Chew (UK/US)
Speakers: Dorien Herremans (BE), Philippe Esling (FR)