Channel News Asia documentary on MorpheuS music generation algorithm

My research was featured in a documentary called 'Algorithms' by Channel News Asia. MorpheuS is a music generation algorithm developed by Prof. Elaine Chew and myself at Queen Mary University of London. In the documentary, a string quartet consisting of musicians from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra perform a piece composed by MorpheuS (at around 17min in), followed by an interview about my research (21min in).

Episode 1: Rage Against The Machine
Algorithms are a new digital species in our world, streamlining every aspect of our lives. But we are only just beginning to question their control - is it too late to rage against the machine?

About the show:
There are quiet codes weaved into the fabric of modern life, silently crunching mountains of big data, and helping us solve problems based on the results they derive. They are known as Algorithms - complex webs of code that can determine anything. From whether you should watch this show, to telling police departments if you're going to commit a crime, and where. But can math, and the computers that calculate it, be wrong?